Help yourself!

If I place some food and drink on the table and I tell you to HELP YOURSELF, it means that you can eat and drink without having to ask me all the time. It’s another way of offering, such as, “Do you want some?” Today, I want to show you how you can help yourselfContinue reading “Help yourself!”

Vary your vocabulary

This afternoon’s class focussed on alternative words for common adjectives. Have you ever used any of these before? happy => CHUFFED sad => GUTTED good => TERRIFIC bad => DIRE angry => CHEESED OFF interesting => MIND-BLOWING attractive => STUNNING shocked => FLABBERGASTED Over to you … Can you think of a situation you haveContinue reading “Vary your vocabulary”

Mikhail shares what he’s learnt

Kudos to my student, Mikhail, for using his Facebook status to practise, and share, words and expressions discussed in the classroom. Folks, it’s not enough to write stuff down in your notebooks; if you don’t apply it in your daily life, then you are likely to forget most of it. So, for today, I’m happy toContinue reading “Mikhail shares what he’s learnt”