An American vampire has a GOOD HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS?

If from this situation you think that HAVING A GOOD HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS is a positive characteristic, you are correct. In fact, it has a variety of meanings: sensible, intelligent, wise, responsible. Therefore it’s a compliment if someone tells you that you have a good head on your shoulders. Use the language Is thereContinue reading “An American vampire has a GOOD HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS?”

An American vampire just doesn’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it

The other time the conversation in class was about bungee jumping. Quite a few students said that they would never try it because they weren’t brave enough to jump off a bridge or platform with only an elastic cord around the waist. I had to admit that I, too, don’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it.Continue reading “An American vampire just doesn’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it”

An American vampire wants to PALAVER

The man above comes up to you on the street. What is your reaction? He says he wants to chat with you. You have some free time so do you stop to PALAVER? Who knows, the conversation might be as interesting as his appearance! Use the language Do you palaver with strangers sitting next to youContinue reading “An American vampire wants to PALAVER”

An American vampire is involved in a CITIZEN’S ARREST

When the law is being broken the police should take action.  If the crime is serious enough, then we also expect them to arrest the guilty person. However, what if you witness a crime, the police are not around but you are in a position to make the arrest yourself? Then you can carry outContinue reading “An American vampire is involved in a CITIZEN’S ARREST”

An American vampire KEEPS AN EAR TO THE GROUND

In some lines of work, KEEPING AN EAR TO THE GROUND is of utmost importance. For instance, a dealer in stocks and shares must know what is happening in the markets before it makes the 8 o’clock news. The trader must always have an ear to the ground and obtain information which can help him/herContinue reading “An American vampire KEEPS AN EAR TO THE GROUND”

Halloween – get help from an American Vampire!

Even  Halloween is a good reason to improve on your language skills. This time the graphic novel American Vampire (Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque, Stephen King) gives you some idioms you can sink your teeth into. From 31 October I’ll be posting a sequence of extracts from this book, each one focusing on a useful expression.Continue reading “Halloween – get help from an American Vampire!”