Once again, my students had a writing task to do for homework. The idea was for them to practise relative clauses by describing their favourite number, photo, person, shop or object and saying why. I’m happy to report that the aim was achieved, with the whole class showing that they could create grammatically correct sentences.Continue reading “I ALWAYS DO / I’M ALWAYS DOING”

Past Simple / Present Perfect – The sushi restaurant example

A: There’s a sushi restaurant not far from here. Do you know it? => B1: Yes, but I didn’t try it. => B2: Yes, but I haven’t tried it. I hear so many conversations on similar lines in the classroom and sometimes a discussion arises over which of the two answers – B1 or B2Continue reading “Past Simple / Present Perfect – The sushi restaurant example”

3 questions about time periods

You start chatting to a student who you haven’t met before; it’s the 14 February. She/he arrived in Malta on 07 February; she/he returns home on the 28 February. You don’t have this information so at some point you will probably need to use one of these questions: How long have you been staying here for? – ThisContinue reading “3 questions about time periods”