Practise your tenses with Covid-19

This gap-fill exercise has Covid-19 as the main theme. The target level is very good intermediate and above. Complete the sentences using the correct tense. Think carefully whether you need the active or passive form. When __________ the first case of Covid-19 __________ ? to record Where __________ it __________ from? to originate Covid-19 __________Continue reading “Practise your tenses with Covid-19”

Have you helped yourself?

[Before you carry on, read this first: Help yourself!] Yesterday, we saw the first step to helping yourself increase your range of vocabulary. When you see something, ask yourself, “What is this in English?” Today, we move on to the second step. Ask yourself, “What is it for?” Take another look at my breakfast: DoContinue reading “Have you helped yourself?”

Help yourself!

If I place some food and drink on the table and I tell you to HELP YOURSELF, it means that you can eat and drink without having to ask me all the time. It’s another way of offering, such as, “Do you want some?” Today, I want to show you how you can help yourselfContinue reading “Help yourself!”

Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard (part 2)

(Click here for part 1: Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard) I just love it when my students stay chatting to each other in English while I’m setting things up for the day’s lesson. I make it a point to keep one ear open to what they’re saying. If I hear something interesting, IContinue reading “Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard (part 2)”

Useful vocabulary and a grammar mistake

This notice in a local supermarket has some useful vocabulary – REFRAIN / RECEIPT / REQUESTED – but is not grammatically correct. First, make sure you know the listed words. Then, find out what the error is? Finally, can you see the funny side of this mistake? Use the comments box below to send inContinue reading “Useful vocabulary and a grammar mistake”