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Listen to James Fenton reading the first part of his poem “Jerusalem”. Every 4th word of the text is missing. Can you fill in the 11 blanks. Answers in the comments box below.   Stone cries to ___(1)___, Heart to heart, ___(2)___ to stone, And ___(3)___ interrogation will not ___(4)___ For there is ___(5)___ eternal […]

Malta’s minimum wage below EU average

Listen to the recording and fill in the gaps – numbers only! Use the comments box to send in your answers. With an income of €_____(a)_____, Malta’s national minimum wage is below the European Union average. As of this year, _____(b)_____out of the _____(c)_____member states of the European Union have national minimum wages. The average […]

A listening activity: Is Drinking Caffeine Good Or Bad For You?

Listen carefully and choose the correct word. Write your answers in the comments box below. Now I absolutely love / abhor / adore coffee Here in the UK we drink 70 million / millions cups of this stuff every day Three to four cups of coffee a day shouldn’t / couldn’t / wouldn’t cause any […]