Tickets that COST AN ARM AND A LEG

“By now you will have heard the horror stories. The price of hotel rooms doubling, trebling, quadrupling. Flights that would require a second mortgage to afford. Tickets that cost an arm and a leg.” As the months go by, more and more sports news will be about next year’s World Cup. If you’re thinkingContinue reading “Tickets that COST AN ARM AND A LEG”


Noooo …. don’t reach out for the leg of the person next to you, unless you’re good friends, that is. It’s true that the extract above (from the book by Javier Marias, “The Infatuations”) talks about PULLING SOMEONE’S LEG but this is a very popular idiom. Can you work out the meaning from the text? Use theContinue reading “PULL SOMEONE’S LEG”