Sometimes I prefer not listening to the news as often there is more bad than good. Crime, political scandals, natural disasters, collapsing tower blocks and houses on fire – a flood of negativity which brainwashes us into thinking that no good is left in the world. If that is what I think, then why amContinue reading “TO GET ON LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE”

MIND – 4 idioms

Does it ever happen to you that you can’t decide what to prepare for lunch, pasta or some other dish? Or whether you really want to go out for a drink with friends tonight when it’s so tempting to stay home on the sofa in front of the television. It happens, doesn’t it? Well, nextContinue reading “MIND – 4 idioms”

Mikhail shares what he’s learnt

Kudos to my student, Mikhail, for using his Facebook status to practise, and share, words and expressions discussed in the classroom. Folks, it’s not enough to write stuff down in your notebooks; if you don’t apply it in your daily life, then you are likely to forget most of it. So, for today, I’m happy toContinue reading “Mikhail shares what he’s learnt”