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#GoToPot #Idioms


Teachers have many stories to tell. This is one of them. There was a student once who had booked a week of afternoon private lessons and I was assigned to be her teacher. The moment she walked into the classroom, she made it clear that she was interested in having conversation practice. It’s a reasonable (and […]

This is not about Valentine’s Day

I’m not going to write about the 14th February, which here in Malta (and maybe in your countries too) is known as Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you look, you see hearts decorating shop windows, restaurant menus, newspaper adverts … they have even made it to NotOnlyGrammar.com! I won’t write about Valentine’s Day but I will tell […]


Noooo …. don’t reach out for the leg of the person next to you, unless you’re good friends, that is. It’s true that the extract above (from the book by Javier Marias, “The Infatuations”) talks about PULLING SOMEONE’S LEG but this is a very popular idiom. Can you work out the meaning from the text? Use the […]

An American vampire is going to HAVE WORDS

From context, can you guess the meaning of to HAVE WORDS with someone? Related articles An American vampire KEEPS AN EAR TO THE GROUND (notonlygrammar.wordpress.com) An American vampire HAS A BELLYFUL (notonlygrammar.wordpress.com) An American vampire’s deal FALLS THROUGH (notonlygrammar.wordpress.com)