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A Not Only Grammar test – 21 June 2020

How good is your English? Test yourself with questions taken straight out of the classroom. Just click on the link below and good luck! https://forms.gle/RvV1MWYi3pwKhBwt8

Test yourself! #002

Test yourself! #001

Grammar check #001

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Spot the mistake #5

The intention is good but the grammar and spelling are weak! Your task today is to correct this painted message – one grammar problem, one spelling error.


“ONE OF my friend woke up at 8.50am… “ That is taken from an essay written by one of my students and it contains a very common error. Look carefully at what is written after “one of“, then see what I wrote with the same phrase. It is just one of many examples I can […]


If I were talking about years, that would be a millennium. Today though, it’s the celebration of one thousand page views since I started Not Only Grammar three months ago. I am happy to be helping you improve your English skills, even if in a small way. I would be happier if you participated more […]