A yawning gap

Whoever has been a student of mine will have heard me mention the expression YAWNING GAP on numerous occasions. Often, I use the population of my country, Malta, with one of my student’s. Recently, I compared Brazil, with its 200,000,000 people and Malta, which has only 400,000. The difference in number is clear, the difference isContinue reading “A yawning gap”

Prepositions practice #001

Use prepositions to complete the text. Type your answers in the comments box below and send. Good luck! For example, while you might be obsessed ___(1)___ football, you’re interested ___(2)___ it, keen ___(3)___ it, devoted ___(4)___ it, fond ___(5)___ it, passionate ___(6)___ it, fascinated ___(7)___ it and mad ___(8)___ it. You’re ___(9)___ danger, ___(10)___ risk, but ___(11)___ threat. It’s almost as if prepositions are being pulled out ofContinue reading “Prepositions practice #001”