Hungry or very, very hungry?

My menu for today was – 2 croissants (chocolate-filled!) for breakfast, a banana for lunch and another banana during the afternoon break. If I was preparing my body for the summer season, trying to lose excess weight to look good as I parade along the sandy shoreline in swimming shorts, then that would have beenContinue reading “Hungry or very, very hungry?”

Talking about food

Make your conversation or writing more interesting; don’t always use GOOD or BAD.┬áIf the topic is food, try: DELICIOUS / MOUTH-WATERING / DIVINE / APPETIZING / YUMMY instead of GOOD. For BAD, use: AWFUL / DISGUSTING / INEDIBLE / ROTTEN. And since we’re mentioning food, is there a restaurant you’d recommend to people visiting yourContinue reading “Talking about food”