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A Not Only Grammar test – 21 June 2020

How good is your English? Test yourself with questions taken straight out of the classroom. Just click on the link below and good luck! https://forms.gle/RvV1MWYi3pwKhBwt8

Know your tenses – Brandon Truaxe (part 1)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Brandon Truaxe is the founder and CEO — though he 1__________ (like) to say his official title 2__________ (be) “worker” — of Deciem, one of the buzziest skin care companies on the planet right now. When he 3__________ (launch) the company, five years ago, it 4__________ (be) […]


We had a colourful – and informative – session in class this afternoon, with students drawing and explaining their country flags, singing part of the national anthem and giving a brief history of the national day and how it is celebrated. With all this waving of flags, the expression FLYING THE FLAG immediately comes to […]

Test yourself! #014

Test yourself! #012

Test yourself! #002

Test yourself! #001


FEMEN – a women’s movement that aims to defend social equality. Although they make the news for their topless protests, they are actually FLYING THE FLAG for women’s rights in male-dominated societies. On the 07 September, they flew the flag of their beliefs – this time to demonstrate against female circumcision in Africa – at the […]


If I were talking about years, that would be a millennium. Today though, it’s the celebration of one thousand page views since I started Not Only Grammar three months ago. I am happy to be helping you improve your English skills, even if in a small way. I would be happier if you participated more […]

Institute of English Language Studies (IELS), Malta

The latest promotional clip from the school I work for, Institute of English Language Studies (IELS), Malta.   Related articles IELS, Malta