Future forms

Here are 4 ways we can speak about the future. The chart above explains in which situations we can use them while below I’ve given an example sentence with each one. Since this is appearing close to Valentine’s Day (February 14), I’ve stuck to the theme of love and relationships. BE GOING TO + infinitiveContinue reading “Future forms”


The alarm clock doesn’t have many friends, especially when it wakes us up on a Monday morning, reminding us that another week of work is about to begin. I don’t know about you but in my case it rings at 05:00 EVERY DAY. Yep, Monday to Friday and weekends too. When I┬ámention this to myContinue reading “EVERYDAY and EVERY DAY”

This is not about Valentine’s Day

I’m not going to write about the 14th February, which here in Malta (and maybe in your countries too) is known as Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you look, you see hearts decorating shop windows, restaurant menus, newspaper adverts … they have even made it to NotOnlyGrammar.com! I won’t write about Valentine’s Day but I will tellContinue reading “This is not about Valentine’s Day”