I’ve circled the first 2 lines of this notice I saw in a supermarket. Can you tell me what the 2 mistakes are? Put your answers in the comments box below. I will give a packet of  dried black grapes to anyone who gives the correct answers!

If next Saturday will be warm and sunny, I will go to the beach. If sentences are interesting. First, they help us express a future possibility – If next Saturday is warm and sunny. Although we have weather forecasts on the internet or the evening TV news, we cannot know if they are correct until […]

“WHAT DO YOU THINK?” and “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” are not the same, folks. I hear them being misused regularly during group or class discussions. Whether you are discussing the latest Big Brother episode or your company’s new advertising strategy, if you want to know your friend’s or colleague’s opinion, then ask, “What do you […]

Did you like the film? We liked that Maltese restaurant. In my free time I like walking in the countryside. My husband likes washing the car on a Saturday. Those sentences are grammatically correct but – and this is a big BUT – they are boring. Like is an easy word to use so for […]

When you do not understand what someone has said, please, please, please, never say What?. This is especially true when you are with strangers or in formal and business situations. It might be OK to reply with a What? when speaking in your language but in English, it is a no-no. It sounds extremely rude […]

How do we usually form a question in the Present Simple? By using do (for I / you / we / they) or does (for he / she / it) and the base form of the main verb. Do you live in Malta? Does your daughter visit you often? It is not necessary to use […]

I saw this charming sign attached to the front door of a real estate agency (an office that buys and sells houses, apartments, commercial property and land). It is polite and has a touch of humour, two things which make life more pleasant for everyone. Yet, there is something not quite right about it. Can […]

How good is your English? Test yourself with questions taken straight out of the classroom. Just click on the link below and good luck! https://forms.gle/RvV1MWYi3pwKhBwt8

Correct these sentences. Leave your answers in the comments box below. My 23-years old cousin got married last week. The teacher was very strong, giving us homework every day and punishing us when we talked in class. We are friends since I am born. How long did you used to work together? He said us […]

Correct these sentences. Leave your answers in the comments box below. Where have you been last week? I didn’t at all like the film. The teacher learned me some new idioms. There aren’t too much TV channels in my country. My friend is so bad for bowling! I’m not playing volleyball since 2014.