Dear Mr. John Smith I’m writing cos I wanna complain about the shitty service I received from the workers of your holiday resort in Apr. of this year! That is the opening of a letter of complaint. The message is clear but the way it is expressed is poor, very poor. How do you suggest […]

Who better to talk about time then Pink Floyd? Start off by listening to one of their live performances of this rock classic, Time …   Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. To be frank, Comfortably Numb (also one of theirs) affects me on a deeper level but it doesn’t fit with today’s […]

I wish I had but the day started at 5am and now, 14 hours later, tiredness is making itself felt. However, if you’ve got a joke to SAY / TELL, I’m listening. If you do and I don’t understand it, I can say that I DIDN’T GET THE JOKE. It may happen that a few […]

…. time for a Kit Kat, as I like to say in-between lessons. I’ll say it here, too, because NotOnlyGrammar is taking a short break. Until next week folks!

It certainly isn’t the most exciting thing I have planned for this weekend but …. … I’m going to have my head shaved … I’m going to shave my head My questions for you are obvious. Are both those sentences correct? If not, why? If yes, is there a difference in meaning?

Which is the more natural sequence when using adjectives to describe an object or person? A blue, cotton, lovely top A cotton, lovely, blue top A lovely, blue, cotton top A cotton, blue, lovely top A blue, lovely, cotton top A lovely, cotton, blue top If in doubt, think OSASCO PANAMA! But what is OSASCO […]