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The alarm clock doesn’t have many friends, especially when it wakes us up on a Monday morning, reminding us that another week of work is about to begin. I don’t know about you but in my case it rings at 05:00 EVERY DAY. Yep, Monday to Friday and weekends too. When I mention this to my […]

Spot the mistake #5

The intention is good but the grammar and spelling are weak! Your task today is to correct this painted message – one grammar problem, one spelling error.

Spot the mistake #3

This is a travel advertisement which appeared in the Times of Malta newspaper of the 25 September 2013. There are 2 spelling mistakes, Can you find them? If you follow this website regularly, you will immediately notice one of the mistakes. Related content Spot the mistake cc … mm; ll …nn

Spot the mistake

If you find the mistake, well done! If you’re not sure what’s wrong, click here to find out: answer. Related articles cc … mm; ll … nn


ALRIGHT, I’m ALWAYS repeating myself about this but please don’t forget that: alright – one “L”. When writing formally, it is better to use the full form, “all right” always – same rule, one “L”. But no, it’s not short for “all ways” Other common “AL” words with one “L” are: although altogether almost Use the language All these […]

Make friends with a CACTUS

Think of hot, dry summers or desert lands and somewhere in the picture you will see a CACTUS. August on the rocky island of Malta might remind you of a desert climate but that’s not why I’m writing about this plant. Forming the plural of words in English is not always a simple matter of […]

cc … mm; ll … nn

The original title of this language tip was “Spelling (1)” but that is drier than a Maltese summer. On the other hand, “cc … mm; ll … nn” is more eye-catching so  just let those eyes read on. ACCOMMODATION MILLENNIUM You know their meaning but please, watch out for the spelling of these two words. As […]