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Buses’ sudden breaking

“… the danger of sudden breaking by route buses, especially for standing passengers. It was because of such a sudden breaking that I was knocked down on the floor of Bus no. 47 coming from Santa Venera to Birkirkara four months ago and suffered an injury to my leg.”   The Sunday Times 17 April 2016 Above is part of a letter which appeared […]

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 19:37 Italian airline starts Catania-Malta flights Private Italian airline Volotea this afternoon started trice-weekly scheduled flights between Malta and Catania. Its colourful Boeing 717 aircraft was given a watery welcome by fire-fighters when it landed at Malta airport for the first time. There’s a mistake in that short news item which […]


The alarm clock doesn’t have many friends, especially when it wakes us up on a Monday morning, reminding us that another week of work is about to begin. I don’t know about you but in my case it rings at 05:00 EVERY DAY. Yep, Monday to Friday and weekends too. When I mention this to my […]

Spot the mistake #5

The intention is good but the grammar and spelling are weak! Your task today is to correct this painted message – one grammar problem, one spelling error.

Spot the mistake #3

This is a travel advertisement which appeared in the Times of Malta newspaper of the 25 September 2013. There are 2 spelling mistakes, Can you find them? If you follow this website regularly, you will immediately notice one of the mistakes. Related content Spot the mistake cc … mm; ll …nn

Spot the mistake

If you find the mistake, well done! If you’re not sure what’s wrong, click here to find out: answer. Related articles cc … mm; ll … nn


ALRIGHT, I’m ALWAYS repeating myself about this but please don’t forget that: alright – one “L”. When writing formally, it is better to use the full form, “all right” always – same rule, one “L”. But no, it’s not short for “all ways” Other common “AL” words with one “L” are: although altogether almost Use the language All these […]