Samsung millions

Samsung says that “greatness never ends”. Neither do mistakes. Take a look at the screenshot from their live stream of a few days ago. There is a massive “99 millions” displayed. Let me explain the error with two example sentences. Malta has a population of four hundred THOUSAND (400,000). There were THOUSANDS of people atContinue reading “Samsung millions”

Happy? Not with the spelling!

Believe it or not, this message was posted by a company specializing in proofed transcription services. Its sales talk focusses on the accurancy of its services. I have no intention of embarrassing the company, so it will remain unnamed. However, I did inform them of their error. What is the mistake? Answers in the commentsContinue reading “Happy? Not with the spelling!”

cc … mm; ll … nn

I bet you have no idea what this is all about.  Whatever can I mean by “cc … mm; ll … nn”? Well,  just let your eyes read on. ACCOMMODATION MILLENNIUM Maybe you know the meaning of the words but please, watch out for their spelling. As you can see, both have 2 double consonants. ACCOMMODATIONContinue reading “cc … mm; ll … nn”

Long, deep, wide and high

  I want to highlight a common spelling problem today. Take a look at how the adjectives below change when they become nouns. Pay special attention to the last 2 letters of the noun forms. long => lengTH deep => depTH wide => widTH high => heigHT You’ll notice that the noun of high ends withContinue reading “Long, deep, wide and high”