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Extra words

Here’s something I’ve just heard on the radio. It was during a program on technology and the discussion was about virtual reality. Tickets have to be pre-booked in advance. Why am I not happy with that sentence?

cc … mm; ll … nn

I bet you have no idea what this is all about.  Whatever can I mean by “cc … mm; ll … nn”? Well,  just let your eyes read on. ACCOMMODATION MILLENNIUM Maybe you know the meaning of the words but please, watch out for their spelling. As you can see, both have 2 double consonants. ACCOMMODATION […]


“Why don’t nobody never loosen up and let themselves go?” That’s a genuine quote, not a sentence I’ve made up. If you’re not happy with it, tell me why and correct it.

Vary your vocabulary

This afternoon’s class focussed on alternative words for common adjectives. Have you ever used any of these before? happy => CHUFFED sad => GUTTED good => TERRIFIC bad => DIRE angry => CHEESED OFF interesting => MIND-BLOWING attractive => STUNNING shocked => FLABBERGASTED Over to you … Can you think of a situation you have […]

Letter or email of complaint

Dear Mr. John Smith I’m writing cos I wanna complain about the shitty service I received from the workers of your holiday resort in Apr. of this year! That is the opening of a letter of complaint. The message is clear but the way it is expressed is poor, very poor. How do you suggest […]

Not another “sometimes”!

I read it too often in my students’ writing tasks, this word SOMETIMES. Now just as I tell them, I’ll tell you. There are many other words or phrases which can be used instead to avoid repeating it. Here are just 3 of them: every so often once in a while every now and then […]

Different spelling and meaning but the same sound – HOMOPHONES

The afternoon session was spent working with homophones – words which sound alike but have a different spelling and meaning, e.g. HERE and HEAR. The class was divided in groups of three and each team had to write a short story using the wrong homophone. Here are some extracts from the stories. Can you spot […]