Lance Armstrong – FAMOUS and INFAMOUS

For those of you who don’t know, Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor who¬†won cycling’s hardest event, the 3-week Tour de France. Not once, not twice, not thrice but seven times! This was a man who was very close to dying, yet made it into the record books. Quite rightly, he became cycling’s most FAMOUSContinue reading “Lance Armstrong – FAMOUS and INFAMOUS”

Junk post!

This is a junk… Really, this type of sea vessel is called a junk. Unfortunately, such a lovely boat has given us a number of words and expressions with a not-so-lovely meaning. JUNK FOOD – we all know this one. Images of burgers, hotdogs and oily fries come to mind; anything unhealthy, actually. JUNK MAILContinue reading “Junk post!”

Have you helped yourself?

[Before you carry on, read this first: Help yourself!] Yesterday, we saw the first step to helping yourself increase your range of vocabulary. When you see something, ask yourself, “What is this in English?” Today, we move on to the second step. Ask yourself, “What is it for?” Take another look at my breakfast: DoContinue reading “Have you helped yourself?”

Help yourself!

If I place some food and drink on the table and I tell you to HELP YOURSELF, it means that you can eat and drink without having to ask me all the time. It’s another way of offering, such as, “Do you want some?” Today, I want to show you how you can help yourselfContinue reading “Help yourself!”