An American vampire wants to PALAVER

The man above comes up to you on the street. What is your reaction? He says he wants to chat with you. You have some free time so do you stop to PALAVER? Who knows, the conversation might be as interesting as his appearance! Use the language Do you palaver with strangers sitting next to youContinue reading “An American vampire wants to PALAVER”

An American vampire is involved in a CITIZEN’S ARREST

When the law is being broken the police should take action.  If the crime is serious enough, then we also expect them to arrest the guilty person. However, what if you witness a crime, the police are not around but you are in a position to make the arrest yourself? Then you can carry outContinue reading “An American vampire is involved in a CITIZEN’S ARREST”

Guilt by Ferdinand von Schirach

Sharing 3 interesting words with you. These come from the book  “Guilt” by Ferdinand von Schirach Here they are:  DISSUADE Before I became a teacher, I had a career in insurance and had been heading for a third promotion in 10 years. The corporate ladder was there for me to climb. It is therefore understandableContinue reading “Guilt by Ferdinand von Schirach”

Stuck on postcards

Recently I have written a couple of posts about postcards: Postcard expressions and Send a postcard. Today I will carry on with this theme in order to introduce some useful vocabulary. First of all, after choosing and buying a postcard, you’ll probably start by writing a message. Click here for some useful sentences: Postcard expressions.Continue reading “Stuck on postcards”

7 day forecast – Malta & Brasilia

Weather words. How better to learn them than by looking at a 7 day forcast. The one above is for my country, Malta. Seven days with words such as isolated showers, windy, mainly cloudy, mainly sunny. Here’s the one for Brasilia (that’s the capital city of Brazil). This time we have thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms, isolatedContinue reading “7 day forecast – Malta & Brasilia”