Guilt by Ferdinand von Schirach

When I finish reading a book, I’ll share 3 interesting words with you. Today’s book  is “Guilt” by Ferdinand von Schirach Here they are:  DISSUADE Before I became a teacher, I had a career in insurance and had been heading for a third promotion in 10 years. The corporate ladder was there for me toContinue reading “Guilt by Ferdinand von Schirach”

Once, twice, …

I bet you said “three times” just as most people, including native speakers, say. Surprise, surprise, there is another word you can use. True, some think that it’s old fashioned and yet it still appears in books and articles. Therefore there’s no harm in learning “THRICE”, which follows on nicely from “once” and “twice”. ProbablyContinue reading “Once, twice, …”

Getting high on PETRICHOR

This island rock was dry and the trees were thirsty because the last time it had rained was a few months ago. However, the weather forecast for Wednesday 21 August was rain, maybe even thunderstorms. While I just love the sound of thunder and watching the lightning in the sky, what I was really lookingContinue reading “Getting high on PETRICHOR”

Talking about the BELLY

Interestingly, some students don’t agree that BELLY, stomach and tummy have the same meaning. I’m not qualified to discuss biology or anatomy but I can tell you that in spoken English you can safely use any of these 3 words in everyday conversations. Once you know the word belly, it’s easy to learn these connected wordsContinue reading “Talking about the BELLY”

Make friends with a CACTUS

Think of hot, dry summers or desert lands and somewhere in the picture you will see a CACTUS. August on the rocky island of Malta might remind you of a desert climate but that’s not why I’m writing about this plant. Forming the plural of words in English is not always a simple matter ofContinue reading “Make friends with a CACTUS”


Malta has a population of four hundred THOUSAND (400,000). There were THOUSANDS of people at the Isle of MTV concert in June. You will notice that in the first sentence there is no “s” at the end of thousand but there is an ”s” in the second. Why? Look carefully and you should understand the rule.Continue reading “THOUSAND / THOUSANDS”

cc … mm; ll … nn

The original title of this language tip was “Spelling (1)” but that is drier than a Maltese summer. On the other hand, “cc … mm; ll … nn” is more eye-catching so  just let those eyes read on. ACCOMMODATION MILLENNIUM You know their meaning but please, watch out for the spelling of these two words. AsContinue reading “cc … mm; ll … nn”