7 day forecast – Malta & Brasilia

Weather words. How better to learn them than by looking at a 7 day forcast. The one above is for my country, Malta. Seven days with words such as isolated showers, windy, mainly cloudy, mainly sunny. Here’s the one for Brasilia (that’s the capital city of Brazil). This time we have thunderstorms, scattered thunderstorms, isolatedContinue reading “7 day forecast – Malta & Brasilia”

Britain’s Got Talent

We all know what a smartphone is and many of us know that this can also be called cell phone, mobile, iPhone and cellular phone. A note for German speakers: I must remind you that while “handy” is an English word, it does not mean smartphone. Take a look at the screenshot from an episodeContinue reading “Britain’s Got Talent”

Samsung millions

Samsung says that “greatness never ends”. Neither do mistakes. Take a look at the screenshot from their live stream of a few days ago. There is a massive “99 millions” displayed. Let me explain the error with two example sentences. Malta has a population of four hundred THOUSAND (400,000). There were THOUSANDS of people atContinue reading “Samsung millions”

Happy? Not with the spelling!

Believe it or not, this message was posted by a company specializing in proofed transcription services. Its sales talk focusses on the accurancy of its services. I have no intention of embarrassing the company, so it will remain unnamed. However, I did inform them of their error. What is the mistake? Answers in the commentsContinue reading “Happy? Not with the spelling!”

In number 6 …

Once, twice, … – Not Only Grammar I bet you said “three times” just as most people, including native speakers, say. Surprise, surprise, there is another word you can use. True, some think that it’s old fashioned and yet it still appears in books and articles. Therefore there’s no harm in learning “THRICE”, which follows on nicelyContinue reading “In number 6 …”

Parking Procedures: 5 (vowels)

This is the fifth of an 8-part series on parking procedures. These are the instructions on how to use the car park, taken from the website of an international airport. As I like to say, there’s no better way to learn than by using English from the real world! For this fifth task, I’ve takenContinue reading “Parking Procedures: 5 (vowels)”