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Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard (part 1)

I just love it when my students stay chatting to each other in English while I’m setting things up for the day’s lesson. I make it a point to keep one ear open to what they’re saying. If I hear something interesting, I don’t interrupt them but use the information as a warm-up for the […]

The opposite of cheap is …

If I ask you for the opposite of CHEAP, I’m sure most of you are going to answer with … E X P E N S I V E … which is 100% correct. But how often have you thought of other ways of saying expensive? Do you know of other words for expensive?! Please, […]

Say, tell, speak, talk, ask

Select the best word to complete the sentence and put your answer in the comments box below.

What’s for breakfast?

Post your answers in the comments box below.

Leon’s Frozen Custard “English only” policy

Use the news item about Leon’s Frozen Custard “English only” policy to help you improve your vocabulary. Follow these steps: Watch Read the questions and answer any you know Watch again Look at the unanswered questions and try to guess the meaning from context Watch one last time Use an English only dictionary to check […]


I don’t know about you but when I need to buy something – car, TV, microwave oven, etc. – I never get it second-hand. It must always be brand new. I know, buying something that belonged to another person can save me a lot of money. However, when I was a child, there were many […]

Jumbled words

The words you need have their letters mixed up. Can you guess them? To check your answers, click on the word. 1. I had a LUFFIT sleep last night. First it was the loud music from the party next door. When that was over and I fell asleep, my friend phoned to tell me about […]

Useful vocabulary and a grammar mistake

This notice in a local supermarket has some useful vocabulary – REFRAIN / RECEIPT / REQUESTED – but is not grammatically correct. First, make sure you know the listed words. Then, find out what the error is? Finally, can you see the funny side of this mistake? Use the comments box below to send in […]

Picture dictionary

Telly, brolly, hubby, wifey, wellies

… TELEVISION, you can say TELLY? … UMBRELLA, you can say BROLLY? … HUSBAND, you can say HUBBY? … WIFE, you can say WIFEY? … WELLINGTON BOOTS, you can say WELLIES? If you didn’t, you know now! But what on earth are Wellington boots? Take a look.