Tired of saying “good morning”?

It has always amused or annoyed me (depending on the mood) how some students can walk into the classroom for the first lesson of the day without even saying good morning to those present. They head to their favourite chair, sit down, take out their phone and have a silent conversation with its screen. I canContinue reading “Tired of saying “good morning”?”

Of doctors, bills and cooking

Doctors and medicine – maybe not fun topics to talk about but they will help me explain some words which students often get wrong. Imagine you have a health problem and need to consult your doctor about it. She does the usual checks, makes a diagnosis and writes out the medication you need to take.Continue reading “Of doctors, bills and cooking”

Visa application: Name of SPOUSE

Today I’m giving you another useful word, SPOUSE. This can be used instead of “husband” or “wife” and is commonly found in official situations. When you apply for a passport or visa or even when opening a bank account, there is usually a question about whether you are married or not. If you answer yes,Continue reading “Visa application: Name of SPOUSE”

Adam Smith by D. D. Raphael

Three words that I found interesting fromĀ a slim volume about the philosopher and economist, Adam Smith. Here they are: INDUCEMENT – Those of you working in sales know that the more you sell, the more money you take home at the end of the month. The commission earned is an inducement to work harder andContinue reading “Adam Smith by D. D. Raphael”