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We read about them in the press, we hear union representatives and politicians discussing them, we watch TV documentaries regarding these two themes – JOB SECURITY and JOB SAFETY. If you follow the news in English, you will have probably noticed that although they are talking about jobs, SECURITY and SAFETY are two different things. […]

Would you really eat this?

Even if you were ravenous, would you eat from this rice? What do you think the correct ingredient is? Thanks to my ex-student Diogenes for sending the photo.

Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi

After one of the lessons today, a student asked me how he could improve his reading skills. My first response was, “Read”! OK, my answer didn’t stop after that one word. However, the simple act of picking up a book, magazine or even sourcing interesting on-line articles can help in so many ways, with the […]

Body parts

Many of you know the main body parts, such as: the HAND the ARM the ELBOW the HEAD the SHOULDER Are you aware, though, that those parts can also be used as verbs? TO HAND TO ARM TO ELBOW TO HEAD TO SHOULDER My challenge to you is an obvious one. Send in sentences using […]

Vary your vocabulary

This afternoon’s class focussed on alternative words for common adjectives. Have you ever used any of these before? happy => CHUFFED sad => GUTTED good => TERRIFIC bad => DIRE angry => CHEESED OFF interesting => MIND-BLOWING attractive => STUNNING shocked => FLABBERGASTED Over to you … Can you think of a situation you have […]

21st June and the summer is officially here

The task today is not to guess what’s in the photo. Even if it’s not totally clear, I can tell you immediately that what you’re looking at is a sunbed or sun lounger, something you might put in the garden on a sunny day; you can read on it or work on your suntan. It’s not […]

And your marital status is ….

You’re filling in a form for whatever reason – to receive a government benefit, to open a new bank account, to apply for a temporary work permit while in another country. Invariably, one of the details you need to include is your marital status. Almost everyone knows SINGLE (or UNATTACHED) and MARRIED but can you […]