In number 3 …

Not thrice but TRICE – Not Only Grammar If you remember, a few weeks ago I wrote about the English word for “3 times”, which is “thrice”.  Do not confuse it with today’s word, “TRICE” (without an “h”). “Trice” is often found in the phrase “in a trice”, meaning “in a very short time”. For example, when your boss nextContinue reading “In number 3 …”

In number 8 …

Once, twice, … – Not Only Grammar I bet you said “three times” just as most people, including native speakers, say. Surprise, surprise, there is another word you can use. True, some think that it’s old fashioned and yet it still appears in books and articles. Therefore there’s no harm in learning “THRICE”, which follows on nicelyContinue reading “In number 8 …”

In number 10 …

ALIGHT / BOARD – Not Only Grammar “How about saying ‘good morning’or ‘good afternoon’ as we alight orget off the bus?” I imagine your first question is about the word ALIGHT. First, you can find the meaning in a good dictionary. Click here: Oxford Dictionaries. After checking the word,  you’ll realize that there is a problem with the sentence above.Continue reading “In number 10 …”

2020 Top Ten posts

Here’s something I’ll be doing for the first time since I started this blog in 2013. From the 1st to the 10th January 2021, I’ll be reproducing the top ten posts of 2020. Together we’ll discover which posts vsitors to NotOnlyGrammar found most useful, interesting and helpful. I’ll do it in countdown fashion, with theContinue reading “2020 Top Ten posts”


1. I need a bottle of wine 2. I need a wine bottle Take a look at those two sentences. a] Are they grammatically correct? b] Do they have the same meaning? c] If they don’t mean the same, what is the difference? Email me your answers for my feedback: