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Six of you are invited to Google Classroom!

Not Only Grammar is now in Google Classroom. Since I am new to the software, I need six volunteer students. I will be setting out assignments and correcting them, while also trying the different functions of Google Classroom. This is a free offer – you help me, I help you! To register, just complete the […]

Quiz card #017

Here’s today’s quiz card. Leave your answers in the comments box. Want more of this language goodness? For the complete list, click: Quiz cards  

Beating a sore throat

Listening instructions: Read the text to get a general understanding (don’t worry about the gaps) Read again, this time thinking about the type of missing words (noun, verb, adjective, …) Listen to the recording¬†without looking at the text Listen again, this time while reading the text Repeat step 4 as often as necessary Send in […]

Direct from the classroom

I’ve added a new section to this website – 411A. This is where I share real language problems of real students from a real language school classroom, with you. Even if you cannot physically be in room 411A, you can still try the tasks I set and send in your answers. Go on, take a […]


“Why don’t nobody never loosen up and let themselves go?” That’s a genuine quote, not a sentence I’ve made up. If you’re not happy with it, tell me why and correct it.

Test yourself! #018

Time for a break …

…. time for a Kit Kat, as I like to say in-between lessons. I’ll say it here, too, because NotOnlyGrammar is taking a short break. Until next week folks!