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Some of you have returned to your countries and homes by now, happy to be back with family and friends. I hope you had a safe journey. Who knows, tomorrow (or on some other day), you might find yourselves looking back on your time in Malta, maybe even wishing you were still here! Hmm….to look […]

English lessons online

I don’t like “LIKE”

Did you like the film? We liked that Maltese restaurant. In my free time I like walking in the countryside. My husband likes washing the car on a Saturday. Those sentences are grammatically correct but – and this is a big BUT – they are boring. Like is an easy word to use so for […]

Dear our clients, …

I saw this charming sign attached to the front door of a real estate agency (an office that buys and sells houses, apartments, commercial property and land). It is polite and has a touch of humour, two things which make life more pleasant for everyone. Yet, there is something not quite right about it. Can […]

A Not Only Grammar test – 21 June 2020

How good is your English? Test yourself with questions taken straight out of the classroom. Just click on the link below and good luck!

Quiz card #017

Here’s today’s quiz card. Leave your answers in the comments box. Want more of this language goodness? For the complete list, click: Quiz cards  

Beating a sore throat

Listening instructions: Read the text to get a general understanding (don’t worry about the gaps) Read again, this time thinking about the type of missing words (noun, verb, adjective, …) Listen to the recording without looking at the text Listen again, this time while reading the text Repeat step 4 as often as necessary Send in […]

Direct from the classroom

I’ve added a new section to this website – 411A. This is where I share real language problems of real students from a real language school classroom, with you. Even if you cannot physically be in room 411A, you can still try the tasks I set and send in your answers. Go on, take a […]


“Why don’t nobody never loosen up and let themselves go?” That’s a genuine quote, not a sentence I’ve made up. If you’re not happy with it, tell me why and correct it.

Test yourself! #018