Greetings – how should you answer?

What I’m going to ask you might seem obvious, yet it surprises me how often students get it wrong. Those of you who were in class today know exactly what I mean. So please, be patient and tell me how you would reply to the following greetings: How do you do? How are you? HowContinue reading “Greetings – how should you answer?”

Tired of saying “good morning”?

It has always amused or annoyed me (depending on the mood) how some students can walk into the classroom for the first lesson of the day without even saying good morning to those present. They head to their favourite chair, sit down, take out their phone and have a silent conversation with its screen. I canContinue reading “Tired of saying “good morning”?”

First day at an English language school?

It’s a Monday, new faces at school, new people to meet. Here are a few questions to help you start a conversation: Ask Where are you from? and you will  find out which country the person lives in If you want to know their job, then ask What do you do? And when you want the nameContinue reading “First day at an English language school?”