Be into /turn into

I used to be into running, going out 6 times-a-week and sometimes training twice-a-day. Nowadays, I don’t run so much because I am more into rowing. I’m also into other activities, such as reading and photography. Another thing I’m into is this website. I spend my free time preparing stuff to share with you because I enjoy it. DoContinue reading “Be into /turn into”

Tall drink of water

“One of the people he met was … a stunning redheaded schoolteacher named Barbara … Divorced and the mother of a young boy, she was a tall drink of water … “ Norman Mailer: A Double Life by J Michael Lennon I’m reading a biography of Norman Mailer, one of the giants of American literature.Continue reading “Tall drink of water”


How often have you heard me use the words CLOCKWISE and ANTI-CLOCKWISE in the classroom when I’m asking for your answers? Too often maybe. Yet, I smile when I still see some of you using  your fingers to draw a clock in the air or looking at watches to work out who’s turn it is toContinue reading “CLOCK CLOCK CLOCK”


When you think of the colour blue, what comes to your mind? In my case, I imagine the sea and sky. Both of these bring a smile to my face and immediately make me happier. Blue is also the colour of my tablet’s keypad. Since I enjoy using the tablet, this is another reason whyContinue reading “FEELING BLUE”

Desert Island Discs

BBC Radio 4 has a program called Desert Island Discs. A famous guest (sports, music, science, etc.) chooses eight music tracks, a book and a luxury to take with them on a desert island. During the interview, we get to know why these are important to them. At the same time, we learn more aboutContinue reading “Desert Island Discs”