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It’s happened again. My students were working with a partner or in teams of three, discussing whether tomatoes can protect the body from certain diseases. Matteo, in one group, was busy giving his opinion when Bakir, working in another team, interrupted with a funny remark. This was enough to make Matteo forget what he was […]


It must have happened to you some time that you forgot to put your phone on charge during the night. To make matters worse, the following morning you went to work or university without the charger. I bet that by noon the screen went blank as the phone powered down. It might have been the […]

Time to share a joke

I wish I had but the day started at 5am and now, 14 hours later, tiredness is making itself felt. However, if you’ve got a joke to SAY / TELL, I’m listening. If you do and I don’t understand it, I can say that I DIDN’T GET THE JOKE. It may happen that a few […]

Animal idioms

I’m feeling a bit lazy this evening so I’m just copying a piece out of the class course book. It’s all about animal-related idioms. Can you work out their meanings? As always, write in with your ideas.  

Death and business English

There I was, giving my afternoon class feedback regarding yesterday’s flag and national anthem session. Then somehow, talk turned to graveyards, skeletons, death and burials. As Brigitte remarked, the topic clashed with the warm and sunny afternoon weather. Besides, what use could these words have to a learner of English? While agreeing that the subject […]


We had a colourful – and informative – session in class this afternoon, with students drawing and explaining their country flags, singing part of the national anthem and giving a brief history of the national day and how it is celebrated. With all this waving of flags, the expression FLYING THE FLAG immediately comes to […]

Sharing some interesting language

I was so chuffed to hear some rather interesting words and phrases during our getting to know your partner/classmates session this Monday morning that I felt I should share them with all of you. I’ve SET MY SIGHTS ON working abroad => My aim is to work abroad My partner will TURN 20 next month => Next […]