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Here’s a photo of a LEMON: No, I haven’t been having an alcoholic lunch. What you’re seeing in the photo is a lemon, which also happens to be a motor scooter. Do I have your attention? So here’s the story. Some years ago I bought a Piaggio Fly 125cc motor scooter with a lovely pearl white finish […]

Shooting the breeze

The last lesson before Christmas of my afternoon class. Here’s the 411A group shooting the breeze over a hot beverage or fresh orange juice in December sunshine. What does shooting the breeze mean anyway? Tell me want you think in the comments box below.


How often have you heard me use the words CLOCKWISE and ANTI-CLOCKWISE in the classroom when I’m asking for your answers? Too often maybe. Yet, I smile when I still see some of you using  your fingers to draw a clock in the air or looking at watches to work out who’s turn it is to […]


When you think of the colour blue, what comes to your mind? In my case, I imagine the sea and sky. Both of these bring a smile to my face and immediately make me happier. Blue is also the colour of my tablet’s keypad. Since I enjoy using the tablet, this is another reason why […]

Quiz card #002

Desert Island Discs

BBC Radio 4 has a program called Desert Island Discs. A famous guest (sports, music, science, etc.) chooses eight music tracks, a book and a luxury to take with them on a desert island. During the interview, we get to know why these are important to them. At the same time, we learn more about […]

Cold turkey

‘Don’t go cold turkey‘ to quit smoking E-cigarettes remain the nation’s favourite stop smoking aid – with an estimated 3.2 million users, most of whom are former smokers. One of those is TV presenter Jeremy Kyle, who has given up after 35 years of smoking, using e-cigarettes. “I was a 20-a-day smoker for most of […]