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Future forms

Here are 4 ways we can speak about the future. The chart above explains in which situations we can use them while below I’ve given an example sentence with each one. Since this is appearing close to Valentine’s Day (February 14), I’ve stuck to the theme of love and relationships. BE GOING TO + infinitive […]

Quiz card #006

Here’s today’s quiz card. You can leave your answer/s in the comments box. Want more of this language goodness? For the complete list, click: Quiz cards.  

Know your tenses! – Changes in a Sicilian village

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: At the same time every afternoon, while seated on the same bench, my father-in-law, Rosario Buttaci, silently <1>__________ (watch) John Babalola Wale and his family <2>__________ (climb) the steep walkway in the village of Sutera that <3>__________ (lead) from Piazza Europa to the old Arab quarter […]

Quiz card #001

Here’s today’s quiz card. You can leave your answer in the comments box.    


Once again, my students had a writing task to do for homework. The idea was for them to practise relative clauses by describing their favourite number, photo, person, shop or object and saying why. I’m happy to report that the aim was achieved, with the whole class showing that they could create grammatically correct sentences. […]

Know your tenses – Brandon Truaxe (part 2)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense Deciem’s sales 9__________ (hit) $300 million, which 10__________ (be) significant for a company best known for its inexpensive products, specifically from its marquee brand, The Ordinary. Kim Kardashian publicly 11__________ (claim) her love of one of the serums, which 12__________ (cost) less than $10. Deciem 13__________ […]

Know your tenses – Brandon Truaxe (part 1)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Brandon Truaxe is the founder and CEO — though he 1__________ (like) to say his official title 2__________ (be) “worker” — of Deciem, one of the buzziest skin care companies on the planet right now. When he 3__________ (launch) the company, five years ago, it 4__________ (be) […]

HAVE sentences – right or wrong?

Check out the following HAVE sentences. Some are right, some not. Can you correct the wrong ones? I can see that my students HAVE a splendid time here in Malta. Maria HAD BEEN HAVING her apartment for 10 years. They‘RE HAVING serious problems with their accommodation. We’VE BEEN HAVING too many late nights. ARE you […]

Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Read the two sentences below: Michela always arrives late for the lesson Michela is always arriving late for the lesson Are they both correct? If yes, is there a difference in meaning? Or is one of them wrong? If yes, which one and why? Answers in the comments box below.

Present perfect & past simple; for & since

  I’ve started working for the company in 1984. The sentence above is wrong. Now take a look at the ones below. Which sentences are correct? I started working for the company since 1984 I started working for the company in 1984 I have worked for the company since 33 years I have been working for the […]