Galletti (water crackers)

Here’s a brief text about a local savory biscuit, known as “galletti”. I’ve taken out a few words. Use your language skills to omplete it. Email your answers using the form below. Also known ___1___ water crackers, the savory galletti are thin, hard, and brittle Maltese biscuits consisting ___2___ flour, salt, semolina, yeast, sugar, warmContinue reading “Galletti (water crackers)”

Postcard expressions

Have you ever written a postcard while away on holiday? If you grew up in the days before emails and instant messaging, you probably have. On the other hand, if WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and Snap Chat were the first words you learned at school, then you might not even know what a postcard is! Well,Continue reading “Postcard expressions”

You should…

How often have you begun you sentence with you should when a friend asks you for some advice? Friend: I can’t decide what colour of T-shirt to buy. The purple or the yellow? You: I think you should get the yellow one. It suits you better. You should this, you should that, you should ….Continue reading “You should…”

BBC News – Covid: Sweden official defends Christmas trip to Canary Islands

“I celebrated Christmas with her and my family,” he told Expressen newspaper. He also said he had been worked remotely while in the Canaries BBC News – Covid: Sweden official defends Christmas trip to Canary Islands Yes, even the BBC make mistakes. Can you see what’s wrong with the quote? Share your ideas in theContinue reading “BBC News – Covid: Sweden official defends Christmas trip to Canary Islands”