Visa application: Name of SPOUSE

Today I’m giving you another useful word, SPOUSE. This can be used instead of “husband” or “wife” and is commonly found in official situations. When you apply for a passport or visa or even when opening a bank account, there is usually a question about whether you are married or not. If you answer yes,Continue reading “Visa application: Name of SPOUSE”

Adam Smith by D. D. Raphael

Three words that I found interesting from a slim volume about the philosopher and economist, Adam Smith. Here they are: INDUCEMENT – Those of you working in sales know that the more you sell, the more money you take home at the end of the month. The commission earned is an inducement to work harder andContinue reading “Adam Smith by D. D. Raphael”


ALRIGHT, I’m ALWAYS repeating myself about this but please don’t forget that: alright – one “L”. When writing formally, it is better to use the full form, “all right” always – same rule, one “L”. But no, it’s not short for “all ways” Other common “AL” words with one “L” are: although altogether almost Use the language All theseContinue reading “Good to be ALWAYS ALRIGHT!”

An American vampire has a GOOD HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS?

If from this situation you think that HAVING A GOOD HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS is a positive characteristic, you are correct. In fact, it has a variety of meanings: sensible, intelligent, wise, responsible. Therefore it’s a compliment if someone tells you that you have a good head on your shoulders. Use the language Is thereContinue reading “An American vampire has a GOOD HEAD ON HIS SHOULDERS?”

An American vampire just doesn’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it

The other time the conversation in class was about bungee jumping. Quite a few students said that they would never try it because they weren’t brave enough to jump off a bridge or platform with only an elastic cord around the waist. I had to admit that I, too, don’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it.Continue reading “An American vampire just doesn’t HAVE THE STOMACH FOR it”