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I’m a teacher, not an artist. It is true, though, that drawings can play an important part in explaining a word or grammar point, or even just to add a bit of colour to the lesson. When I was in my last year at primary school, art lessons were part of the curriculum. They were […]

Quiz card #002

Know your tenses! – Changes in a Sicilian village

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: At the same time every afternoon, while seated on the same bench, my father-in-law, Rosario Buttaci, silently <1>__________ (watch) John Babalola Wale and his family <2>__________ (climb) the steep walkway in the village of Sutera that <3>__________ (lead) from Piazza Europa to the old Arab quarter […]

Quiz card #001

Correct the sentence …


Once again, my students had a writing task to do for homework. The idea was for them to practise relative clauses by describing their favourite number, photo, person, shop or object and saying why. I’m happy to report that the aim was achieved, with the whole class showing that they could create grammatically correct sentences. […]

Extra words

Here’s something I’ve just heard on the radio. It was during a program on technology and the discussion was about virtual reality. Tickets have to be pre-booked in advance. Why am I not happy with that sentence?

Know your tenses – Brandon Truaxe (part 2)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense Deciem’s sales 9__________ (hit) $300 million, which 10__________ (be) significant for a company best known for its inexpensive products, specifically from its marquee brand, The Ordinary. Kim Kardashian publicly 11__________ (claim) her love of one of the serums, which 12__________ (cost) less than $10. Deciem 13__________ […]