About me, Sandro


I have been a teacher of English for 28 years … and counting.

The English language school I work for is one of the leaders in its field in Malta – Institute of English Language Studies (IELS).

My students come from all over the world to prepare for international exams (IELTS, CAE, TOEFL), for business purposes or to improve career prospects, for emigration to English-speaking countries or holidays.

The aim of this website is to help you improve your English by giving tips which are short but useful. Very often they are things that come up in the classes I teach – real problems from real students.

I suggest you visit NotOnlyGrammar.com regularly. Even better, sign up for free to receive an email notification whenever I update the site.

Do you want to get in touch? This is how:

  • E-mail: sandro.tefl@gmail.com
  • Phone/WhatsApp: +35679664664
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 743 737 1181
  • Skype: sandro.tefl@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting. Now make sure you participate in the tasks to become an official NOGGER!


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