08 December 2018

Still feel like some extra work? Try this past tenses task. Before you fill in the gaps, make sure to read the full story to get a general understanding of what happens and when.


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07 December 2018 – morning session

Enjoy the weekend folks!

If you still want to do some grammar, I’ll upload an extra task about the past tenses on Saturday on this same page.

Here’s the test we had today, followed by the answers:

Answers for yesterday’s used to / usually tasks:


06 December 2018 – morning session

The homework for tomorrow (07/12) is page 141 (all).

Answers for yesterday’s Relationships tasks:


Do you remember what these mean?

  1. to pop the question
  2. to get on like a house on fire

05 December 2018 – morning session

The homework for tomorrow (06/12) is page 158 (all).

Answers for yesterday’s My first car nightmare:


Meanwhile, I still hear I am agree or I’m not agree during your discussions. This is not correct. Click AGREE / DISAGREE for more.

 04 December 2018 – morning session

The homework for tomorrow (05/12) is page 45 task 4b and the following handout:


Here are the answers of yesterday’s homework. Remember,  there are other possibilities for some of them. If you are not sure, ask me.


03 December 2018 – morning session

The homework for tomorrow (04/12) is page 140. Read the grammar notes (blue section) and then do the tasks (white section).

30 November 2018 – morning session

What with the Friday test and correction, then the interesting discussions about good manners and bad manners in your countries, there was no time left for me to give you feedback. As I promised before we broke for the weekend, here are a few things which are connected to what I heard as I was listening in to the different teams.

love woman girl kiss


In some countries, kissing family or friends on the cheek is normal, in others it’s a no-no. What about blowing kisses? Have you ever blown kisses to anyone? What was the occasion?


two children standing while crossing their arms


The way we stand or sit can be interpreted in different ways. What would you think if the person you were speaking to folded their arms? Is it acceptable in your country or is the person folding the arms being unfriendly?


silver iphone x with airpods

Phones and how we use them always generates a lot of debate. When you are having lunch or dinner with colleagues, friends or family, what do you do with the phone? I have seen people with the phone in their left hand and picking at the food with a fork in their right. Do you agree that if phones are left on the table, they should be placed face down?


21 November 2018 – morning session

An error which often occurs during class discussions is the sentence I am agree. I have already written about this so take a look here to know why it is wrong and what to say instead: AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE.


15 November 2018 – afternoon session

The conversation meanders and flows, ideas are expressed and opinions offered. The afternoon group consists of only 5 students but their words fill to the full the 90-minute session.

An error that I sometimes hear when someone wants to introduce their idea is from my opinion. The correct phrase is in my opinion or in my view. If the speaker is personally affected by what is being discussed, then from my point of view is also possible.

Other ways of putting forward one’s opinion:

  • the way I see it
  • if you ask me
  • my own feeling is that

Do you know of other ways to give your opinion? Send them to me using the form below.

Meanwhile, if you have time, take a look at this related post: AGREE / DISAGREE





29 October 2018 – morning session

Some very simple questions, yet so many students answer them incorrectly.

How would you answer them?


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23 October 2018 – morning session

This is a short story that appears in English File, intermediate level:


In pairs, my students had to complete the story in exactly 33 words. These are their endings (you can click on them for a larger image):




The highlighted boxes are errors. Can you correct them? Send me your answers using the form below.







03 October 2018 – afternoon session


Here are the profile reports based on the photo shown above.

I have highlighted a few errors. Can you correct them?




Click on the images to enlarge; use the contact form below to send in your answers.