Of doctors, bills and cooking

Doctors and medicine – maybe not fun topics to talk about but they will help me explain some words which students often get wrong.

Imagine you have a health problem and need to consult your doctor about it. She does the usual checks, makes a diagnosis and writes out the medication you need to take. This paper with the list of medicines and information on when to take them is a PRESCRIPTION. You take the prescription to the pharmacy and buy what you need. After paying, you are given another paper to show that you have paid for the items. This is a RECEIPT. Of course, it is not only at the chemist’s that you get a receipt. It can be from the supermarket, restaurant, mechanic or language school, amongst others.

Once back home it’s time for lunch. You want to cook something different, something new, but what? Then you remember that a friend had given you a piece of paper with instructions on how to prepare a typical Greek dish. This is a RECIPE; a cookery book is a collection of recipes.

Use the language

Have you got different words for prescription, receipt and recipe in your language?

How about sending in a favourite recipe of yours?

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