An American vampire HAS A BELLYFUL


Ah, the belly again, but this time in the expression TO HAVE A BELLYFUL. Let’s say you’re on holiday with a friend and he (or she) is always complaining – the weather’s too hot or too cold, the food is not the same as at home, the pillow is too soft or too hard, … After a few days of this negativity you will have every right to tell your friend (soon to be ex-friend), “Shut up, I’ve had a bellyful of your moaning!”

Another situation might be at your workplace, where you’re very unhappy with the conditions or colleagues or the job itself. At some point you’re going to tell yourself that you’ve had a bellyful and finally write that resignation letter.

Use the language

This is your chance to write in about a time when you had a bellyful. I’m sure there was.

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