Stuck on postcards

Recently I have written a couple of posts about postcards: Postcard expressions and Send a postcard. Today I will carry on with this theme in order to introduce some useful vocabulary.

First of all, after choosing and buying a postcard, you’ll probably start by writing a message. Click here for some useful sentences: Postcard expressions. Once done, you need to write down the addressee – the name and address of the person you are sending the postcard to. Make sure to include the postcode – usually a combination of numbers and letters (or only numbers) which we put at the end of the address to help the post office sort the mail. Next, we need a stamp – a small pretty picture which we buy and stick in the top right corner of the postcard. If the card is special in any way or what you write is too personal, you might prefer putting it in an envelope – a type of paper cover usually used for sending letters. Finally, look for a letterbox – the place where you put the postcard for a mail employee to collect.

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