Galletti (water crackers)

Here’s a brief text about a local savory biscuit, known as “galletti”.

I’ve taken out a few words. Use your language skills to omplete it.

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Also known ___1___ water crackers, the savory galletti are thin, hard, and brittle Maltese biscuits consisting ___2___ flour, salt, semolina, yeast, sugar, warm water, and either olive oil ___3___ butter. They are often flavored ___4___ caraway, oregano, black pepper, or sesame seeds.
Galletti are baked until golden-brown ___5___ color, and they can be served before or ___6___ a meal, paired ___7___ dips, cheese, and cold cuts, or consumed ___8___ their own. These biscuits are found ___9___ almost every home kitchen ___10___ the island, but it is also possible to find them in bars and restaurants.

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