From midnight to 4am

Let’s look at a couple of interesting ways of talking about the time.

Midnight, for example, can be described as THE WITCHING HOUR. Yesterday evening I drank so much water that I woke up at the witching hour to pee. Yes, I use real-life situations as examples!

You go to a party and get home at 1am ( or 2am or 3 in the morning). Then IN THE WEE HOURS is a delightful way of expressing it. On my holiday last year, I arrived at Dubai airport in the wee hours – at 0115hrs to be exact. THE SMALL HOURS has the same meaning.

What about in your language? Do you have expressions for THE WITCHING HOUR and IN THE WEE HOURS? Send them in using the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “From midnight to 4am

  1. In Spain I think we have only “madrugada”, means like early morning. We have the expresion of witch hour, but I think nobody use it, is like a film expresion is not for real life.

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