Britain’s Got Talent

We all know what a smartphone is and many of us know that this can also be called cell phone, mobile, iPhone and cellular phone. A note for German speakers: I must remind you that while “handy” is an English word, it does not mean smartphone.

Take a look at the screenshot from an episode of Britain’s Got Talent. At the bottom of the screen there’s the name of the competitor (Daliso Chapinda) and a couple of numbers to call if people want to vote for him. The lower number is for mobiles. There is another number on top of it for landlines.

My question to you is … What are landlines? Put your answers in the comments box below.

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2 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent

  1. They are the old telephones line… jeje… now is by internet too but is the telephone at home or work that you cant move from the room.

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