In number 2 …

ONE DAY YES, ONE DAY NO – Not Only Grammar


Let’s say you work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, … – it’s OK to say that you work ONE DAY YES, ONE DAY NO. However, to not always use the same expression, you can say the same thing in these ways too:


Some examples:

  • I go running ON ALTERNATE DAYS
  • They eat out EVERY OTHER DAY
  • ON ALTERNATE DAYS I spend a lot of time on the road visiting clients
  • She’d have liked to find a job where she only needed to work EVERY OTHER DAY but it wasn’t possible

Over to you. Tell me what things you (must?) do using these time expressions. Are you happy about it? Why (not)?

2 thoughts on “In number 2 …

  1. I´d like to play padel every other day, because I really enjoy it, but is not posible because always have one kind of pain. Im not young anymore!!

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