Lance Armstrong – FAMOUS and INFAMOUS

For those of you who don’t know, Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor who won cycling’s hardest event, the 3-week Tour de France. Not once, not twice, not thrice but seven times! This was a man who was very close to dying, yet made it into the record books. Quite rightly, he became cycling’s most FAMOUS personality. He was also famous for the cancer foundation he set up, Livestrong.

Unfortunately, this fairytale story does not have a happy ending. Many of Lance Armstrong’s former team mates claimed that he had taken banned, performance-enhancing substances (doping) throughout his career. Eventually, he had to admit that he had cheated and was stripped of his 7 victories. Not only, but he had lied many times to his fans, in newspaper and TV interviews and even in court, always saying that he was “clean”. Today, when I hear his name, I think of cycling’s most INFAMOUS rider. He is not a Saddam Hussein or Jack the Ripper, but for sport lovers he is equally infamous.

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Every country has its infamous characters (in sport, politics, entertainment, culture, etc.) Who is it and why is he/she infamous?  Use the comments box below for this.

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2 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong – FAMOUS and INFAMOUS

  1. In my country we have a lot of infamous character, when the newspaper said they had stolen, always said no, but after they finish in prision. Politicians, famous singers, royal family… they stole our money and after we have to pay the prision too!!

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