Junk post!

This is a junk…

Really, this type of sea vessel is called a junk. Unfortunately, such a lovely boat has given us a number of words and expressions with a not-so-lovely meaning.

JUNK FOOD – we all know this one. Images of burgers, hotdogs and oily fries come to mind; anything unhealthy, actually.

JUNK MAIL – when you find your letterbox overflowing with advertising brochures and flyers, do you throw all this junk mail directly into the rubbish bin? Or do you enjoy reading it?

JUNK YARD – this is the final resting place for that old car you have that no-one wants to buy. It’s too big for the bin so a junk yard is where you take it. Other big, old, broken stuff can be taken there, not just vehicles.

Do you know any other “junk” words? Share them in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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