Practise your tenses with Covid-19

This gap-fill exercise has Covid-19 as the main theme. The target level is very good intermediate and above.

Complete the sentences using the correct tense. Think carefully whether you need the active or passive form.

  1. When __________ the first case of Covid-19 __________ ? to record
  2. Where __________ it __________ from? to originate
  3. Covid-19 __________ also __________ as corona virus. to know
  4. The city __________ __________ in lockdown since the beginning of the month. to be
  5. My uncle __________ __________ Covid positive last week. to diagnose
  6. A student of mine __________ the virus in March. to catch
  7. Do you think the vaccine __________ __________ successful? to be
  8. We __________ __________ __________ __________ Christmas at home this year. to celebrate
  9. The economy __________ __________ __________ really well until the virus __________ the country. to do / to hit
  10. Giving a lesson while I __________ __________ a face mask is rather uncomfortable. to wear

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