Help yourself!

If I place some food and drink on the table and I tell you to HELP YOURSELF, it means that you can eat and drink without having to ask me all the time. It’s another way of offering, such as, “Do you want some?”

Today, I want to show you how you can help yourself to increase your vocabulary. Take a look at the photo of the breakfast I had this morning.

Help yourself!

It was a simple breakfast, so there are only a few things to see. However, do you know the English word for everything in the photo? Probably not, but why not? These are things you see and use regularly, maybe even every day. Have you never asked yourself, “Hmmm, how do I say this in English?” Once you ask yourself that question, the next step is very easy. Open a translator app on your phone (which is probably in your other hand) and discover some new vocabulary. You don’t need to spend money on books or language courses. Just help yourself!

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