Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard (part 2)

(Click here for part 1: Time travel – notes from today’s whiteboard)

I just love it when my students stay chatting to each other in English while I’m setting things up for the day’s lesson. I make it a point to keep one ear open to what they’re saying. If I hear something interesting, I don’t interrupt them but use the information as a warm-up for the first part of our class.

Yesterday, I picked up the term JET LAG. First, I got the student who used it to take my place up front and explain it to his classmates. Then, I took over and a mini-lesson developed, with the double theme of time and travel. I’m sharing the information I put on the whiteboard with you. Do you understand all the words, phrases and expressions? Like I tell my students, just ask me if anything is not clear. You can use the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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