Be the teacher – correct these student mistakes #004

Correct these sentences. Leave your answers in the comments box below.

  1. My 23-years old cousin got married last week.
  2. The teacher was very strong, giving us homework every day and punishing us when we talked in class.
  3. We are friends since I am born.
  4. How long did you used to work together?
  5. He said us that he wasn’t coming to the party.
  6. What are all the womans doing over there?

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2 thoughts on “Be the teacher – correct these student mistakes #004

  1. Hi Sandro ! How are you ? I wish you health and Peace. Plz tell me about situation of Schools in Malta and how they have been affected by vírus attack. Comprehensible expected tô reduce their students number.
    Tks in advance

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Diogenes! It’s a difficult situation here. All schools are closed until 17 April. Hotels, bars, restaurants and shops are closed, too. Of course, food stores and pharmacies can open. Students (and tourists) who were booked for May and June have cancelled. The COVID-19 problem has to be solved first. So things are not good. I hope life is better for you there 🙂


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