Malta’s minimum wage below EU average

Listen to the recording and fill in the gaps – numbers only!

Use the comments box to send in your answers.

  1. With an income of €_____(a)_____, Malta’s national minimum wage is below the European Union average.
  2. As of this year, _____(b)_____out of the _____(c)_____member states of the European Union have national minimum wages.
  3. The average minimum wage across the European Union was €_____(d)_____ – a far cry from the €_____(e)_____ earned by minimum wage earners in Malta.
  4. Bulgaria had the lowest gross minimum wage across the EU – just €_____(f)_____.
  5. All had minimum wages ranging between €_____(g)_____ and just over €_____(h)_____ per month.
  6. The minimum wages in some EU states: the United Kingdom (€_____(i)_____), France (€_____(j)_____), Germany (€_____(k)_____), Belgium (€_____(l)_____), the Netherlands (€_____(m)_____), Ireland (€_____(n)_____) and Luxembourg (€_____(o)_____).


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