Be into /turn into

I used to be into running, going out 6 times-a-week and sometimes training twice-a-day. Nowadays, I don’t run so much because I am more into rowing. I’m also into other activities, such as reading and photography. Another thing I’m into is this website. I spend my free time preparing stuff to share with you because I enjoy it.

Do you know anyone who is a very quiet and calm person during the day but once a Friday or Saturday night arrives, they turn into wild party animals? And what about those people who turn into werewolves on nights when there’s a full moon? Back to the topic of sports, I once had a school mate who really was never interested in sports. He was brilliant academically but allergic to physical activity. However, one time at university he was persuaded to participate in a race around the campus. He ran, he did surprisingly well and years later turned into Malta’s leading middle/long distance runner.

We have just looked at two phrasal verbs:

  1. to be into
  2. to turn into

Without using a dictionary but only looking at the context, can you explain their meaning?

Answers in the comments box below.

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