Future forms


Here are 4 ways we can speak about the future. The chart above explains in which situations we can use them while below I’ve given an example sentence with each one. Since this is appearing close to Valentine’s Day (February 14), I’ve stuck to the theme of love and relationships.

BE GOING TO + infinitive

  • Im going to propose to her one of these days! => intention
  • Look at Jack and Jill, always together. I’m sure they’re going to get married. => factual prediction


  • I received a wedding invitation from Jack and Jill. They’re getting married on the 30th of May. => arrangement

WILL + infinitive

  • This year will be their 5th wedding anniversary. => fact
  • will organize your bachelor’s party. => offer
  • will love you forever! => promise
  • They’ll be happy together, I’m sure. => pure prediction
  • She had no idea he was going to propose but when he asked here, “Will you marry me?”, she immediately replied, “Yes, I will marry you.” => instant decision

SHALL + infinitive

  • Shall we go to Paris for our honeymoon? => suggestion
  • Shall I take care of the flight and hotel bookings? => offer

Please note that there are many other ways of constructing the future but today I have only focused on: be going to / present continuous / will / shall.

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