Beating a sore throat

Listening instructions:

  1. Read the text to get a general understanding (don’t worry about the gaps)
  2. Read again, this time thinking about the type of missing words (noun, verb, adjective, …)
  3. Listen to the recording without looking at the text
  4. Listen again, this time while reading the text
  5. Repeat step 4 as often as necessary
  6. Send in your answers for correction, using the email form below

Rest your body – and your voice

Sore throats are very <1> __________ and usually get better <2> __________ themselves within a week. <3> __________ a good night’s sleep <4> __________ helps to help fight        <5> __________ infection. The NHS advises <6> __________ with a sore throat <7> __________ stay well hydrated, although <8> __________ drinks should be avoided. <9> __________ on ice cubes, ice <10> __________ or hard sweets can <11> __________ the inflammation.

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