Egg – a simple object yet interesting enough for me to write about it here. In class, today, we saw the 3 main parts of an egg:

  • the shell, which is the outer part and is usually brown or white
  • the white, which is the white (obviously) inner part
  • the yolk, which is the inner yellow part

Here’s my student’s – Kana – illustration of an egg. She’s a much better artist than I am so I thank her for her contribution to this post.


There’s more to an egg than just its parts.

Do you remember the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, when Germany beat the home team 7 – 1? That day, the Brazilian players had egg on their faces. It was a most embarrassing result, especially since they were playing in front of their own supporters. Another situation. You convince your boss to make you leader of a project. You promise him/her that it will be ready on time. The deadline comes and goes and the project remains incomplete. You’re going to have egg on your face when you tell your boss and team members that you have failed.

You probably know someone who is extremely sensitive or gets angry very quickly. When you are with such people, do you walk on eggshells, doing your best not to anger or upset them? Have you ever spent a few days staying with a friend’s family? As a guest, you don’t want to do anything wrong or say anything which might be offensive to your hosts. In this case, too, you are walking on eggshells during your stay at their home.

Over to you …

Have you ever had egg on your face or had to walk on eggshells?

Do you know any other egg expressions?

Write in using the comments box below.

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